What’s On Your Body?

22 Jul


My inspiration for this post was somewhat haphazard. I had no intention of uncovering this designer, however, as I was doing research, I stumbled upon a visionary whom I couldn’t help to learn more about. He’s responsible for the creation of unique jewelry and custom made hats. His name, LOUIS MARIETTE.

I found that his designs are originally created for bridal couture, however his fan base is quickly growing, extending his network to a more main street market.  Not only does he design custom, avant-garde hats for celebrity clients such as Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton, he is also credited for designing bespoke jewelry, accessories, and headpieces that can be found in publications such as Vogue, Luxx and W.

The essence of Mariette’s work screams a Cinderella Fairytale. He loves to use tons of colorful jewels, handcrafted flowers and don’t forget, he’s not afraid to make his work stand out, literally. He even creates headpieces that extend 3 dimensionally.  Putting no limit on what accessories a woman can wear, whether it’s strictly for the runway, or to wear at her very own wedding, Mariette has a custom piece of art waiting for you!

For more on Mariette, Visit him at www.louismariette.co.uk.

-Carrie Lisa

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Photos Courtosey of,  louismariette.co.uk


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