Spring/Summer 2011 Color/Trend Forecasting.

30 Jul

S / S 2 0 1 1

It’s always good to think ahead, not only generally speaking but even when it comes to our clothes. We want to make sure we are shoulder to shoulder with whats flourishing, fashion wise, not only in terms of current trends, but even something as specific as color. Fashiontrendseter.com generated a series of themes that reflect looks you can adopt for Spring/ Summer 2011. The themes are as follows: (in order from left to right)

1st is “Antidote” is inspired by bold prints and patterns.Think bright colors, bohemian, free spirit, or youthful optimistic.“Sublime”. The name pretty much says it all. It essentially encompasses everything  a woman loves that makes her feel beautiful, confident and flashy. Bags, shoes, accessories and dresses.“Oasis” is defined by being stylish lounge clothes. No more being a couch potato in regular sweat pants. Try lightweight, cotton, harmen pants and an oversized wrap. Both still provide the same comfort as your “standard” lounge selection, however this approach is 100% more stylish! Last is “Tendresse”, which speaks to a woman’s sweet soft side. Think powered pinks, cream-colored lace, bird feathers and florals. Can I say more?

Don’t hesitate to focus on Trends and Color!

-Carrie Lisa


One Response to “Spring/Summer 2011 Color/Trend Forecasting.”

  1. lele July 31, 2010 at 4:23 pm #

    I need definitely need my own personal stylist…but this is a good start….Oasis sounds like a perfect fit.
    Thanks…Sticky Vinyll, I always know where to come for the lastest fashion info.

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