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Step Into the Future of Fashion With Classic Inspiration From Ms. Jackie Kennedy

31 Aug


We all know the beautiful Jackie Kennedy, (later to be named Jackie Onassis) as first lady to the charming Mr. John F. Kennedy. Us ladies also know that Jackie Kennedy was a prominant figure in fashion, revamping the White House by bringing style into politics and yes, making it look good. She set the stage for what the ideal “American” woman should look like; sophistcated, classy, and of course fun. I have always admired Jackie for her strong-willed, independent and witty personality. I read a few short excerpts in the book, “What Jacki Taught Us” by Tina Santi Flaherty and something that caught my attention was after the first day she was selected to work for VOGUE MAGAZINE, she turned it down claiming the women worked to hard and were tiresome. Ha! How about that? She made fashion something fun and exciting, not something that consumed her.

Sticky.Vinyll would like to inspire Jackie’s look on to all the ladies approaching the future of fashion, who are looking for something new, but still classic. Notice how less is more and how pearls, a simple hat, and good pair of gloves will change a girl into a whole new woman …AND don’t forget the shades! Thanks Jackie.

“I want to live my life, not record it”

-Jackie Kennedy

“Sex is a bad thing because it rumples the clothes”

-Jackie Kennedy

-Dani Lacy


Feelin’ This Fly Guy! Wiz Khalifa.

31 Aug

Wiz Khalifa

Never Been –

-Dani Lacy

C A U Homecoming Model/Designer Call

30 Aug

FREE to Watch, FREE to Walk

The BIGGEST C A U Pre-Homecoming Event.

Project Next Presents: C A U Homecoming Fashion Show Model and Designer Call

S E P T E M B E R 1 , 2 0 1 0

Music Monday

30 Aug

Lauryn Hill headlines Rock the Bells 2010 NYC as Special Guest!

What an epic day for all those in attendance at Rock the Bells 2010. Artist and groups such as Snoop Dogg, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, Rakim, KRS- one, Slick Rick, Wiz Khalifa, and of Course the mutli-talented Lauryn Hill.

Clip of Lauryn Hill’s performance :

——–Sticky.Vinyll would also like to pay respects to the beautiful Aaliyah Dana Houghton (January 16 1979 – August 25th 2001), singer, actress, and one of America’s biggest sweethearts. Aaliyah is definitely missed, but her music and spirit still and will always lives on.

Taking it back – PS* She DID the baggy, sporty girl look…one of the only to make this look so sexy!

If Your Girl Only Knew*one of my Aaliyah Fav’s*

Don’t Know What To Tell Ya – *tribute video*

——–And last, but certainly not least Sticky.Vinyll would like to wish Michael Jackson a Happy Birthday!!!

*Rest In Peace Micheal Jackson*

-Dani Lacy

Bacardi Blog Worthy Awards

25 Aug

Last Night, Aug.24th was a very epic night for all the bloggers out there 😉 – The Barcardi Blog Worthy Awards, sponsored by *hint hint* Bacardi. This annual event was produced by The Blay Report, honored editors, bloggers and up-and-coming brands.

New York’s own Micah Jesse was presented the “Most Influential Blogger” Award by the beautiful Adrienne Bailon (Cheetah Girl). With Micah being such a familiar face in the NY fashion scene,  it is Sticky.Vinyll’s duty to acknowledge and congradulate Micah for keeping blog readers up-to-date as well as inspired by New York Fashion & Celebrity Lifestyle.

Big Ups to Micah Jesse!

To see more and Micah and/or visit blog go to –

-Dani Lacy

Amanda Diva x CreativeControl.TV – LOVE4HIPHOP

23 Aug

Back In the Days

23 Aug

Jamel Shabazz

StickyVinyll would like to pay homage and the up most respect to Jamel Shabazz; Photographer and educator. Jamel Shabazz is noted to have documented some of the highlights of “Urban Life” over the course of 30 years. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Shabazz made a point to capture New York at it’s prime time; including the crack era – which although rough, was a true inner beautiful representation and expression of the Urban lifestyle through struggle.

The photos below are featured in Shabazz’s book, “Back in the Days”, which captures the beginning of the hip hop culture between 1980 – 1989.

-Dani Lacy