Music Monday.

6 Sep

The Beautiful&Soulful Miss Mara Hruby

Sticky.Vinyll would like to recognize The Bay’s own, Mara Hruby on this weeks Music Monday. Not only is Mara Musically talented, she is also an overall artistic, unique individual who shines light on everything she takes on. The first thing that captures you to Mara’s music is her classic and timeless voice; it really brings you back to the days of Billy Holiday and the elegant style of Dorothy Dandridge. Acoustic Soul, Jazz, Rhythm&Blues, in addition to her own individual sound, categorizes Mara into a league of her own, leaving listeners in touch with a very mystic, but beautiful understanding of love, life and happiness.

Sticky.Vinyll is so excited for Mara’s musical journey and is delighted to feature such a beautiful, driven, and positvely-spirited young lady. This is only the beginning!

Watch Live Performance @ Oakland Metro 8.13.10

“I’m Sure” –

“Lucky (I Love You)” –

Listen to her new single from upcoming albumFrom Her Eyes” – “Character” –

For more on Mara Hruby visit –!/profile.php?id=752718453

-Dani Lacy


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