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Chanel Takes Over.

27 Oct

Iconic fashion house designer Chanel is planning on taking over the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai. The exhibition entitled “Culture Chanel” focuses on highlighting the artistic inspirations of Chanel and the impact their designs have had on the fashion world today. The exhibition is set to run Jan 15-March 14. says “Some 400 items will occupy both floors of the glass structure, including clothing, artworks, manuscripts and films.”




26 Oct

If you have not had the chance to watch RUNAWAY – Kanye’s new short movie, please do so! It is a very epic piece that definetly sends a good message.

RUNAWAY is a compilation of Kanye’s new songs all put together to create a very beautiful story about him and his relationship with a exotic Pheonix Bird. All songs are from his upcoming album “My Dark Twisted Fantasy”.

Runaway Trailer –

Watch full Video on Kanye’s Blog –

First rule in this world baby, don’t pay attention to anything you see in the news” – Kanye West, from RUNAWAY Film.

-Dani Lacy

Nars meets Fashion

26 Oct

Nars | Photo by Marc Jacob

Nars celebrates their 15th Anniversary! Gorgeous fashion icons such as Naomi Campbell and Marc Jacob took pictures of inspiration which reminded them of infamous Nars color palettes. I believe that Nars has an awesome variety of makeup color. I personally bought about 3 tubs of Turkish Delight from Sephora before I realized it really wasnt my color. Check out more pics from the 15th anniversary here.

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Jimmy Choo. Jimmy New.

26 Oct

Jimmy Choo reveals their first, NEW fragrance ever, named “Simply Jimmy Choo.” The fragrance was first reveled in London on Friday. Shareholders of the company have committed to investing some what 50 million euros (about 25 million US dollars) to support the new project… Let’s hope this perfume comes with a life time warranty for that amount of financial support!

SpelHouse Homecoming 2010

25 Oct

Spelman x Morehouse Homecoming Tailgate

I definitely didn’t take any pictures at tailgate. Lets just say I was busy consuming what the festivities had to offer… Non-the-less, cameras were everywhere! I made sure to hop in as many snapshots as possible, including this one featured on It was fun seeing friendly faces, new and old in addition absorbing the last decent days fall has to offer…


Tommy Who?

25 Oct

Tommy Hilfiger, remember him? Well, he’s back. According to, “Thursday, Tommy Hilfiger unveiled the first Tommy boutique in the US. It’s a 1,000-square-foot store in Manhattan, in a former Hilfiger collection location.” It’s said that Hilfiger plans on converting 2 other US store in Tommy boutiques as well.

“This is downtown prep. It’s quirkier and younger and more irreverent,” said Tommy Hilfiger, interviewed at the Bleecker Street store Thursday.

Tommy’s act to open all new stores is in effort to recreate his image. Lets be honest, Tommy Hilfiger hasn’t been popular since the late 90’s.  By re-establishing his brand, he can potentially capture a new, younger market. The line will be available at at the beginning of spring. Tommy’s brand still carries the same aesthetic; It’s preppy, collegiate and republican… Way to go Tommy.

Music Monday.

25 Oct

Delcroy- Fresh