Lil’ B x Lykke Li

10 Dec

The FADER | December 2010

Lil’ B x Young L | The Pack

So, The FADER Magazine is hitting us with a Double Wammy this Month. Musical Artist Lil’ B from the Bay Area (Woo woop) and Lykee Li, currently in Stockholm, have taken over the December issue of the FADER. First of all, go Download the #71 pod cast for this issue. It not only features music from Lil’ B x Lykke Li, but several other musical artist aswell.If you know nothing about either artist, I suggest you open a new tab and Google them now. I first fell in love with the sound of Lykke Li when she was featured on the hook of Drakes “Little Bit”…. and Lil’ B, well, he’s not one who can really be defined in a few words. However. I can say you would most likely know him from the group The Pack, straight out of Berkeley, California. Most recently, you might know him from his “Cooking Dance”…. (just YouTube it)…

Issues  hit the stores on December 14 so don’t miss them! (covers sold separately) 

Source : Fader Magazine


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