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S T I C K Y . V I N Y L L

Where 2 minds collide, creating a world inspired by the artistic eye.

A Note From the Editors:

S T I C K Y:

Absorb what you want, interpret it how you like,  but whatever you do, let it stick! Sticky Vinyll wants to expose you to our world. Explore what we love through fashion, music, food, culture and more! We do our best to show love to everyone out there with an artistic passion, talent or ambition. If you want to be heard, speak up!

Carrie Lisa, Co. Creator of Sticky Vinyll, dedicated to bring light to the things that inspire me, move me, and  most of all, reflect me as an artist.

V I N Y L L:

Live in the music and follow the beat. Nod your head to the beautiful sounds of life and let the vibrations fill your body. Open your eyes to the graffitti on the wall and listen to the story.  Don’t hide from the art, its speaking to you.

Viny(l)l – “The Grandfather of CD’s” as defined by Urban Dictionary. Vinyl captures hip hop at its most pure and authentic stage. The beauty of the streets; that original, natural expression of the street persona and mentality. Viewers, I am here to give you that  heartfelt,  unique and untouched city experience through everything that inspire and move me.

Dani Lacy, Co. Creator of Sticky Vinyll, dedicated to spreading love of the hip hop culture and the likes of art, fashion and lifestyle.

Stay Tuned.

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