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14 Jan

Eazy E – Real Compton G’s

The Mack of the Year

31 Dec

This is why I love Oakland! At any given moment your capable of running into pure awesomeness.

Dru Down in front of Yoshi’s, San Francisco.

What Time is It?

31 Dec

So I had the chance to see Morris Day and the Time at Yoshi’s this past Monday in San Francisco. I had a BLAST! Morris Day is definetly still the fly guy we know from back in the day and STILL very COOL. One of my girlfriends who had never even seen or heard of this band was so intrigued by Morris Days’ “Shiny Suit” she couldn’t help but to fall in love with him. Morris Day continues to carry his classic style and cocky persona (checking the mirror after every song), but the ladies are still hot over this guy! Today I would like to pay some homage to Morris Day and The Time for being so flippin’ awesome!


Rock the New Year in the Smoothest Way Possible.

31 Dec

Music Monday.

27 Sep

Appreciate The Funk

–  So my father was a HUGE Funk Music fan and as an offspring of  the “Funk” era, its safe to say – its in my blood and apart of my child hood upbringing (outside of the Aaliyah’s, TLC’S, Pac and so on). This was the music I was listening to, on full blast, to and from school. You can’t help but to feel the good energy from that  funkadelic sound!

Go ahead and boogie down to a  few all time funk favs, brought to you by Parliament Funkadelic, Slave & Morris Day and The Time.

Parliament Funkadelic  –

Bootsy Collins

Slave –

Last, but now least….What Time Is It?!

Morris Day & The Time

-Dani Lacy


9 Sep

Step Into the Future of Fashion With Classic Inspiration From Ms. Jackie Kennedy

31 Aug


We all know the beautiful Jackie Kennedy, (later to be named Jackie Onassis) as first lady to the charming Mr. John F. Kennedy. Us ladies also know that Jackie Kennedy was a prominant figure in fashion, revamping the White House by bringing style into politics and yes, making it look good. She set the stage for what the ideal “American” woman should look like; sophistcated, classy, and of course fun. I have always admired Jackie for her strong-willed, independent and witty personality. I read a few short excerpts in the book, “What Jacki Taught Us” by Tina Santi Flaherty and something that caught my attention was after the first day she was selected to work for VOGUE MAGAZINE, she turned it down claiming the women worked to hard and were tiresome. Ha! How about that? She made fashion something fun and exciting, not something that consumed her.

Sticky.Vinyll would like to inspire Jackie’s look on to all the ladies approaching the future of fashion, who are looking for something new, but still classic. Notice how less is more and how pearls, a simple hat, and good pair of gloves will change a girl into a whole new woman …AND don’t forget the shades! Thanks Jackie.

“I want to live my life, not record it”

-Jackie Kennedy

“Sex is a bad thing because it rumples the clothes”

-Jackie Kennedy

-Dani Lacy