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8 Jan

As said by the Creator of XXI

Inspiration: The I Ching concept of “Biting Through” Fire over Thunder.

Before it was an addiction, it was a curiosity.  Seduction appears in the vanity responding to innocence. Illegible lines of what is written in the mirror as she searches for more. Addictive habits form into a ceremony of loving ones self, but feeling so alone she results into a shelter. Covering her with a white gloss of the same substance she had been drawn into from the start.

In the beginning, she was not innocent; there was a curiosity of darkness that absorbed what the world already possesses. In herself, she could not make it better, until her vanity disappeared into pure white. The yin and yang are forever continuing, as one increases, the other decreases. Turning the lights on to evil and goodness, and allowing both to be active will maintain a balance without being controlled by one.”

-Nicole Van Straatum of The Dirty Chic

Are You the Next Face?

2 Dec

Become the Face | MAC’s Fall 2011 Ad Campaign

Every Year, MAC Cosmetics chooses a celebrity to represent their company. Lady Gaga, Christina Augulara and Fergie are just  a handful of fab celeb’s who have gotten the opportunity to be Thee Face for MAC.

…However, for Fall 2011, the infamous cosmetics brand  is trying to do things a little different. “MAC is currently seeking everyday girls and guys (non-model, non-celebrity) to be the face of their Fall 2011 campaign”. If you feel like you really have what it takes, go to and apply. Just ‘submit a picture or video explaining why you deserve to be MAC’s new it-girl’.


Nars meets Fashion

26 Oct

Nars | Photo by Marc Jacob

Nars celebrates their 15th Anniversary! Gorgeous fashion icons such as Naomi Campbell and Marc Jacob took pictures of inspiration which reminded them of infamous Nars color palettes. I believe that Nars has an awesome variety of makeup color. I personally bought about 3 tubs of Turkish Delight from Sephora before I realized it really wasnt my color. Check out more pics from the 15th anniversary here.

Photos Courtesy

Jimmy Choo. Jimmy New.

26 Oct

Jimmy Choo reveals their first, NEW fragrance ever, named “Simply Jimmy Choo.” The fragrance was first reveled in London on Friday. Shareholders of the company have committed to investing some what 50 million euros (about 25 million US dollars) to support the new project… Let’s hope this perfume comes with a life time warranty for that amount of financial support!

YSL | It’s Golden Baby.

22 Sep

Talk about classy…. Yves Saint Laurent’s GOLDEN GLOSS is the ultimate beauty luxury. This power shine gloss has REAL 24-carat gold flakes in it! I tested this fabulous gloss at $30 a pop. My opinion, its gorgeous, but not practical…. You be the judge and Try It for your self!


4 Sep

L e V e r n i s

Brilliance at your fingertips, with must-have colours from the runways of Paris. Chanel has created the Le Vernis collection with colors in different hues of khaki priced at $25 each. My favorite you ask?  Definitely Khaki Vert!

“Dare to Wear”

19 Jul

L A D Y G A G A x M A C C O S M E T I C S

Well I must say, I believe this collaboration is way overdue. LADY GAGA and Mac Cosmetics have teamed up to create the “Dare to Wear“ collection, hitting stores in the US on July 29, 2010.

When LADY GAGA stepped on the scene in 2008, she quickly gained a following with her eclectic musical sound; and it wasn’t long after, her crazy style caught the eyes of fashion connoisseurs everywhere! GAGA has been photographed wearing every major fashion designer from Alexander McQueen to Louis Mariette. It comes as no surprise she has teamed up with one of the largest makeup experts in the world.

The “Dare to Wear” collection is filled with energetic colors, lustrous glosses and corky names, such as “Going Bananas” and “Sassy Grass”.  I think this collection is totally reflective of GAGA and her avant-garde style. Don’t miss out on this one! I’m sure it’s going to go fast!

-Carrie Lisa

(Photos courtesy of Mac Cosmetics)