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1 Feb

I know I’ve been absent for a while. Not only has school and work seemed to overshadow my free time, but attending happy hour in the middle of the week wasn’t really helping either… Any who, with Fashion week quickly approaching us, it’s of the up most importance that we stay on top of the excitement! Stay tuned to Sticky.Vinyll for the WHOLE moth of February to see what we have to offer. I’ve been finding inspiration all over and cant wait to share with you guys.


Carrie Lisa


8 Jan

As said by the Creator of XXI

Inspiration: The I Ching concept of “Biting Through” Fire over Thunder.

Before it was an addiction, it was a curiosity.  Seduction appears in the vanity responding to innocence. Illegible lines of what is written in the mirror as she searches for more. Addictive habits form into a ceremony of loving ones self, but feeling so alone she results into a shelter. Covering her with a white gloss of the same substance she had been drawn into from the start.

In the beginning, she was not innocent; there was a curiosity of darkness that absorbed what the world already possesses. In herself, she could not make it better, until her vanity disappeared into pure white. The yin and yang are forever continuing, as one increases, the other decreases. Turning the lights on to evil and goodness, and allowing both to be active will maintain a balance without being controlled by one.”

-Nicole Van Straatum of The Dirty Chic

Rain Dance.

20 Dec

Turf Fienz| Rain Dance

For once, my city was on the news for something good! Turf Dancing was featured on Dateline NBC as a form of expression by Oakland youth. Turf Dancing is by no means new, however more and more people outside the Bay Area are starting to catch on. Turf Fienz, from Oakland, CA,  is a group of guys who turf dance… I can’t explain what it is, just watch… (Rain Dance was featured on You Tube  and went viral, since then, Turf Dancing is everywhere!)

SpelHouse Homecoming 2010

25 Oct

Spelman x Morehouse Homecoming Tailgate

I definitely didn’t take any pictures at tailgate. Lets just say I was busy consuming what the festivities had to offer… Non-the-less, cameras were everywhere! I made sure to hop in as many snapshots as possible, including this one featured on It was fun seeing friendly faces, new and old in addition absorbing the last decent days fall has to offer…


Music Monday.

11 Oct

True Talent from the street! Literally…I really respect this video. Dude is gettin’ it! self made beats 🙂

Check Out Homeless G!

M.I.A. Performs Live @ Brooklyn Bowl…Tonight! *FREE SHOW*

6 Oct

Come Check Out M.I.A Tonight If You Are in the NY/BK Area!

Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211
Doors Open @ 9:30 PM / Show starts @ 10:30 PM

-Dani Lacy

Music Monday.

27 Sep

Appreciate The Funk

–  So my father was a HUGE Funk Music fan and as an offspring of  the “Funk” era, its safe to say – its in my blood and apart of my child hood upbringing (outside of the Aaliyah’s, TLC’S, Pac and so on). This was the music I was listening to, on full blast, to and from school. You can’t help but to feel the good energy from that  funkadelic sound!

Go ahead and boogie down to a  few all time funk favs, brought to you by Parliament Funkadelic, Slave & Morris Day and The Time.

Parliament Funkadelic  –

Bootsy Collins

Slave –

Last, but now least….What Time Is It?!

Morris Day & The Time

-Dani Lacy

Check Her out Now.

15 Sep


I haven’t watched an episode of Americas Next Top Model in a really, really long time. This can be related directly to the fact that I was TV-less for sometime, then, I just simply lost interest. Any way, when Jeffrey Campbell did his look book for fall/winter 2010, I was instantly captured by this bald, African-American model. Not only did she stand out like a sore thumb, because she was the only black model in the entire campaign, but she also had this presence that made me want to know more about who she was. I did my research, and found that her name is Bianca Richardson, from ANTM cycle 13.

Bianca Richardson for Jeffrey Campbell

Bianca Richardson for Jeffrey Campbell

It could have been the 4 inch Lita’s she was rocking, or the effortless poses she portrayed, allowing the viewer to examine her entire body.  Bottom line, this girl is doing big things! Look out for her in upcoming projects and adds. Keep up the good work Bianca!

-Carrie Lisa

Nothing Like This.

14 Sep

A Little J Dillaaa

Such a sweet video.

Forever Live On Tupac Shakur

14 Sep

June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996

Tupak Shakur