Helter Skelter.

4 Feb

I told my self I couldn’t possibly go another season without a new pair of shades. I’m very picky when it comes to sunglasses because to be honest, I have a rather big head and not ever frame works for me. Long story short, I settled on these frames by Karen Walker, “Hetler Skelter” from her Sun Gods Collection… I’m confident that I’ve made a good choice. I’ll definitely post when they arrive!



4 Feb

Salute The Pilot.

4 Feb

I’m apparently a little late, but that’s okay. There’s always a little time to admire a fashion miracle when it occurs, so kudos to Burberry for this freakin amazing Prorsum Shearling Aviator Jacket. Its everything! The fuzzy lining, cropped cut and over sized silhouette makes me wish I lived in a place that was cold enough to wear it!

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Paris if you Dare.

3 Feb

Natalie Paris | Numéro China #5

Model: Huang Xiao Meng
Photographer: Yin Chao

Spring into Fallon.

2 Feb

Fallon Jewelry | SS 2011


1 Feb

I know I’ve been absent for a while. Not only has school and work seemed to overshadow my free time, but attending happy hour in the middle of the week wasn’t really helping either… Any who, with Fashion week quickly approaching us, it’s of the up most importance that we stay on top of the excitement! Stay tuned to Sticky.Vinyll for the WHOLE moth of February to see what we have to offer. I’ve been finding inspiration all over and cant wait to share with you guys.


Carrie Lisa


14 Jan

Eazy E – Real Compton G’s