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Economical Euphoria.

29 Jul

F O R E V E R 2 1

As many of you may know, FOREVER 21 opened its largest store ever in Times Square. Unlike the average FOREVER 21 location, this flagship store is 90,000 square feet, and 4 stories! It inherits more characteristics of a large department store unlike typical locations inside the mall. Its immense space allows for a “store in store” design, allowing customers to shop in a more oranized fashion. Also, this expansive outline helps for Forever 21 to better organize their quickly growing sub-brands. They offer apperal for  men, women, children, plus sizes and even an accessories section and mini cosmetics section.

-Carrie Lisa

My favorite FASHION Blogger, Rumi Neely (above) was given the opportunity to model for the Times Square opening campaign. Check out the footage from her blog, FashionToast.com

Paying Homage.

8 Jul


As I begin to let the our viewers become familiar with the things that inspire me in this crazy, hectic world, I find it only right to pay a little respect to one blog in paricular that I have fallen in love with over time.

Fashiontoast.com is a blog created by fashion lover/model/ stylist and more, Rumi Neely. This California native was just featured in the grand opening campaign for the new Forever 21 store in Times Square. For anyone out there who is kinda obsessed with online shopping suchas myself, this is the blog for you. She’s the best at letting her viewers know where all her awesome pieces come form so we can find them in stores and online…

Take a look at at some photos I have collected  over time from her site. These inspire me most…

-Carrie Lisa