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Step Into the Future of Fashion With Classic Inspiration From Ms. Jackie Kennedy

31 Aug


We all know the beautiful Jackie Kennedy, (later to be named Jackie Onassis) as first lady to the charming Mr. John F. Kennedy. Us ladies also know that Jackie Kennedy was a prominant figure in fashion, revamping the White House by bringing style into politics and yes, making it look good. She set the stage for what the ideal “American” woman should look like; sophistcated, classy, and of course fun. I have always admired Jackie for her strong-willed, independent and witty personality. I read a few short excerpts in the book, “What Jacki Taught Us” by Tina Santi Flaherty and something that caught my attention was after the first day she was selected to work for VOGUE MAGAZINE, she turned it down claiming the women worked to hard and were tiresome. Ha! How about that? She made fashion something fun and exciting, not something that consumed her.

Sticky.Vinyll would like to inspire Jackie’s look on to all the ladies approaching the future of fashion, who are looking for something new, but still classic. Notice how less is more and how pearls, a simple hat, and good pair of gloves will change a girl into a whole new woman …AND don’t forget the shades! Thanks Jackie.

“I want to live my life, not record it”

-Jackie Kennedy

“Sex is a bad thing because it rumples the clothes”

-Jackie Kennedy

-Dani Lacy

Back to School on a Budget.

19 Aug

E V E R Y T H I N G U N D E R $ 6 0

Needsupply.co/ Double V Tee/ $36

Lorisshoes.com/ Echo Design Scarf/ $16

Asos.com/ Urban Academy Canvas Bag/ $54

80spurple.com/ Avril Woven Pants/ $42

UrbanOutfitters.com/ Ecote Woven Oxford/ $48

So, it’s that time again. Early morningssleepless nights, term papers and last minute cram sessions. Under all that stress, we must strive to look our best! But, lets be honest. The term starving college student wasn’t coined in vain. As students, or young adults, shopping on a BUDGET is more than practical and the most realistic option. I found some cool things that would be perfect to have for “Back to School” and are all UNDER $60 bucks. From head to toe, find great buys at economical prices.

-Carrie Lisa

All Grey Everything.

18 Aug

Grey is going to be a popular color this FALL! Take a look at the what I like coming from designers for the upcoming season.

1. Something Else “V Neck Cardigan” by Natalie wood $134.00

2. ASOS Pastel Colour Block Tote $37.07

3. Jeffrey Campbell Pixie Wedge in suede $179.95

Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2010

15 Aug


As promised, I’m keeping you informed on all fun, fashionable and crazy events happening around the time of my birthday! On Monday, August 30, Jeffrey Kalinsky, the fabulous mind behind his two high-end namesake boutiques in Atlanta and Manhattan, joins Lila Hertz, Louise Sams & Jeffrey McQuithy in launching one one the most official events to begin the fall social season: Fashion Cares 2010.

The event will be held at it’s new venue on 12ht street in Midtown, Atlanta. It includes, features from special guest designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez in addition to a live auction and runway show. Hand picked garments from high-end designers such as Gucci, Prada, Marni, Manolo Blahnik, Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin, Bottega Veneta, and Jason Wu will all be featured and shown at this event, so you dont want to miss out.

For more info on ticket purchases and sponsorship, visit www.Jeffreyfashioncares.com/atlanta

-Carrie Lisa

Fall Finds.

15 Aug

S H O P N A S T Y G A L . C O M

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Fall is quickly approaching. Time to start shopping for the necessities; jackets, boots, sweaters and more. It’s important to buy a few staple pieces early in the fall and add gradually as the weather gets cooler. One piece I feel is good to have in your wardrobe for the fall is the classic trench coat. The Twisted Trench Coat in khaki, featured on ShopNastyGal.com for $118 is a perfect option. I like this specific trench coat because of the classic khaki color and traditional double breasted detail. I like this jacket because it’s short, lightweight, and has a youthful appeal. I think it would look best paired with something of a similar length, like a dress or skirt, or with a tall pair of riding boots! Check it out here now!

-Carrie Lisa


15 Aug

Today officially marks the beginning of my birthday week! With that being said, I find it necessary to highlight all things fun and exciting going on in the world. Either locally, or internationally, the week of August 20, is filled with events and gatherings celebrating all things “Exciting” for this month.

On Friday, August 20th (my birthday) Art Nouveau, GreatEclectic & The-Socials.com will present the second installment of their Fashion Night Out event series: FUNKshion. The event will feature collections by Sojourner E.S. & Rafael Cox, live performances by Jay Scott & Vina Mills, Live art by Corinne Stevie, Sounds by GreatEclectic and hosted by Dane Young of The-Socials.com.

Aug 20th 7PM-10PM
Wm Turner Gallery
112 Krog St Ne
Atlanta, GA 30307

-Carrie Lisa

Put Some Bows on it.

4 Aug


For any one who knows me, they can validate I’m genuinely obsessed with bows. I’m convinced that they’re thee most adorable, cutest, and sweetest thing that was ever created. Once I saw what VALENTINO did for his 2010 Fall/Winter collection, I instantly became plagued with bittersweet emotion. Bitter because my finances don’t support my exorbitant taste, but sweet because that’s exactly what this collection is. It’s girly, fun, fantastic and of course, filled with bows galore!

Of course, if I was in love with the clothes, my obsession with these gloves is probably going to be on the next level. If I could get my hands on these for the fall, I would be one of the happiest girls on the planet. Fashion heads have been saying that the gloves are tacky, and tastless. However, I one hundred percent disagree. I believe they are hot S@#! Over all, this is one of my favorite collections for Fall/Winter 2010 thus far.

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-Carrie Lisa


3 Aug

Many Belles Down

I am so excited to introduce Many Belles Down to Sticky.Vinyll and viewers! Why? Because not only is this line melting with beatiful florals, classic cuts, and ravishing patterns BUT, it is also Oakland based :). With Oakland CA, being my hometown, I am always thrilled to represent and support our creative leaders. Many Belles Down is for the classic woman who still likes to have fun, while feeling free and sexy. Enjoy your “ManyBellesDown” moment with a glass of wine or jump on the back of a motorcycle and ride life’s wave, which ever suites the mood – there is a piece for you!

Take a look at Many Belles Down Fall 2010 Collection!

For more on the line and it’s inspiration watch video here @ Sticky.Vinyll

For more on Many Belles Down visit their website here

-Dani Lacy

Victorian Sci-Fi Surgery

1 Aug


I stumbled upon these Ginormous Platforms while sufing the net a few days ago. By designer Gabrielle M. Gonzalez, this platform is featured in her “Victorian Sci-Fi Surgery” collection for Autumn/Winter 2010. I have yet to find out how much they are going for, but they can be found at Machine-A boutique in London. Please, don’t hesitate to see her LookBook. The photography is amazing, and model Jemima Croker is exceptional. You can also visit Gabrielle’s blog to find the latest news going on in her world.

-Carrie Lisa


1 Aug


Ok, so I’m not going to lie. I think this is absolutely CREEPY, but at the same time, I find it innovative. I do believe Fashion Designer PATRICK MOHR had tons of meaning and explanation behind this concept. For Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, Mohr displayed his collection for Spring/Summer 2011. His collection reflects unisex garments with the intention to be layered, mixed and matched and his zany approach to convey his thoughts about his line are obvious.

I think the idea behind having his male and female models wear the same makeup was to take attention off their individual faces, and focus more on their garments. The fact that the collection is unisex emphasizes the importance of gender equality. In addition to his sex flexible collection, there is also meaning behind his design pattern as well. He opts to use more geometric forms such as rectangles and triangles in order to represent different garments such as T-shirts and jeans. See all of Mohr’s collection below!

-Carrie Lisa

Photos courtesy of Mercedes-benzfashionweek.com