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Music Monday.

27 Sep

Appreciate The Funk

–  So my father was a HUGE Funk Music fan and as an offspring of  the “Funk” era, its safe to say – its in my blood and apart of my child hood upbringing (outside of the Aaliyah’s, TLC’S, Pac and so on). This was the music I was listening to, on full blast, to and from school. You can’t help but to feel the good energy from that  funkadelic sound!

Go ahead and boogie down to a  few all time funk favs, brought to you by Parliament Funkadelic, Slave & Morris Day and The Time.

Parliament Funkadelic  –

Bootsy Collins

Slave –

Last, but now least….What Time Is It?!

Morris Day & The Time

-Dani Lacy

Crawl Into the World of Lichiban

27 Jul

Licsi Lichiban

“The art of living nine lives, but never dying once” – Lichiban

What a liberating, sensual and inspiring experience it was to sit down with artist, Lisci Lichiban and take a crawl into her world. Brooklyn based, but Hungary born and raised, Lichiban is definitley someone who is beyond their time. Someone who explores their inner divinity, sexuality, and animal instincts, only to share with the world through a textured wooden canvas. Lichiban brings positive energy and love to life with every stroke.

My first encounter with Lichiban was at the 2010 Afro Punk Festival where she, along with many other artist participated in live mural painting. Her “Freedom Is Here” piece instantly caught my eye and after introducing myself, her good vibes and humble personality left me thinking, “I have to learn more about this girl!”. So here it is @ Sticky.Vinyll, a crawl into the world of Lichiban:

My visit to the home of Lichiban brought upon a very spiritual and warming feeling, but it also involved a sense of mystery and promiscuity. Lichiban is a new age gypsy and proud nomad, keeping travel and new experiences a life priority. She uses her art as a form of soul-searching, therapy, and a source of healing. Lichiban has always been very intrigued with spirituality and finding “your true divine self“. Mysticism, Tibetan Buddhism and Esoteric Symbolism being of lichiban’s background studies, have set the foundation for her to create pieces that connect with the mind, body, and soul.

One aspect of Lichiban, that every women should take in for thought, is her connection with her “inner animal“, a Snow Leopard being her’s. It is not hard to believe that a lot of female characteristics and energy derives from the feline family and Lichiban is a true advocate on embracing those “cat women” instincts. Lichiban signiture pieces incorporate half feline/half women figures, expressing sex appeal and power. The wooden canvas or “live layer” brings depth and life to these powerful energy driven dominatrixs’. Question: Have you been in touch with your inner animal?

“The key to happiness is to find your true calling through your own filter; channel the force”  – Lichiban

Like many artist, Lichiban has also crossed the road of career vs true passion and after spiritual guidance and inner persuasion, of course she chose art. She reiterated the importance of tapping into the expression of your creator, YOU, and not to reject your artistic side. “We already have the intellegence” Lichiban states, “so enjoy and explore your creative self!” One of my favorite lines, as well as Lichiban’s is “DO YOU“, something so simple yet so liberating.

My visit with Lichiban is one that I will always carry with me throughout my creative endeavors. I’m even considering a second visit after  enjoying her very well concocted BOMB Mango Tea *smiley face*. Aside, she is a very talented, driven, heart felt , energy filled individual who is spreading love through art all over and for that I tip my hat!

You can find some of Lichiban’s work at New Design High School ( one the largest graffiti mural’s in Brooklyn) and Five Points (graffiti heaven), also latest features include live mural painting at Brooklyn’s 2010 Hip Hop Festival and the 2010 Afro Punk Festival. Solo show coming August 21st! @ The Lotus Temple of Visions Gallery in Brooklyn featuring old & new collaborations with Living Room, Johnston, Ibrahim Yaqut, WEZN, and House of Nassa. Lichiban has many current and up and coming projects including a music collaboration mixed by Melo X featuring the likes of Kesed, Dam-Funk & Jesse Boykins 111. If you would like to keep up with Ms.Lichiban make sure to follow these links!

-Dani Lacy

http://www.facebook.com/lichiban?ref=ts http://lichiban.net/ http://lichiban.blogspot.com/ http://twitter.com/lichiban http://www.myspace.com/lichiban http://wronglips.blogspot.com/

Boddhi - The Cat Messenger of LOVE

*Photos courtesy of Lichiban

“No time is wasted, everything is all making sense” – Lichiban