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blind world.

8 Jan

Music Monday.

27 Sep

Appreciate The Funk

–  So my father was a HUGE Funk Music fan and as an offspring of  the “Funk” era, its safe to say – its in my blood and apart of my child hood upbringing (outside of the Aaliyah’s, TLC’S, Pac and so on). This was the music I was listening to, on full blast, to and from school. You can’t help but to feel the good energy from that  funkadelic sound!

Go ahead and boogie down to a  few all time funk favs, brought to you by Parliament Funkadelic, Slave & Morris Day and The Time.

Parliament Funkadelic  –

Bootsy Collins

Slave –

Last, but now least….What Time Is It?!

Morris Day & The Time

-Dani Lacy

Music Monday.

6 Sep

The Beautiful&Soulful Miss Mara Hruby

Sticky.Vinyll would like to recognize The Bay’s own, Mara Hruby on this weeks Music Monday. Not only is Mara Musically talented, she is also an overall artistic, unique individual who shines light on everything she takes on. The first thing that captures you to Mara’s music is her classic and timeless voice; it really brings you back to the days of Billy Holiday and the elegant style of Dorothy Dandridge. Acoustic Soul, Jazz, Rhythm&Blues, in addition to her own individual sound, categorizes Mara into a league of her own, leaving listeners in touch with a very mystic, but beautiful understanding of love, life and happiness.

Sticky.Vinyll is so excited for Mara’s musical journey and is delighted to feature such a beautiful, driven, and positvely-spirited young lady. This is only the beginning!

Watch Live Performance @ Oakland Metro 8.13.10

“I’m Sure” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkfD-MbltWc

“Lucky (I Love You)” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp0KSrcQag4&NR=1

Listen to her new single from upcoming albumFrom Her Eyes” – “Character” – http://marahruby.bandcamp.com/releases

For more on Mara Hruby visit – http://www.myspace.com/marahrubymusic



-Dani Lacy

Feelin’ This Fly Guy! Wiz Khalifa.

31 Aug

Wiz Khalifa

Never Been –

-Dani Lacy

Music Monday.

19 Jul

Theophilus London – 

Theophilus London –

This Brooklyn, NYC born and raised, electronically driven, indie inspired, alternative rap artist has internationally blown minds with his unique and eclectic sound. Along with other young revolutionary hip hop artists such as Drake and Kid Cuddi, London is also taking rap to a whole new level of range and versitility. From punk and electro to contemporary R&B and classic Hip Hop, London leaves nothing out. Keep a look out for this rising underground artist, he is coming quick!

One of my favorite songs is “Aquamilita”. The first time I heard it I instantly fell in  love! Listen down below.

Check Out Theophilus London’s Latest Video, “I Want You”. HOT.SHIT

For more on Theophilus London visit – http://theophiluslondon.net/

-Dani Lacy

Atlanta Indie Fest.

19 Jul


Will you be in Atlanta this Saturday, July 24th? If so, don’t hesitate to stop by the ATLANTA INDIE FEST, presented by Greedmont Park, Overthrow and SMKA. This is the 3rd annual Indie Fest, featuring artist such as Hollyweerd, Grip Plyaz, and FKI just to name a few.  If you’re into the independent hip-hop music scene, I recommend you check this out.  For more info, visit  Greedmontpark.com

-Carrie Lisa

Aye Mami! Maluca – The New Bad Ass In Town.

10 Jul

New York City’s Maluca had the Club rocking last night! This “half Dominican, half pain in-the-ass” singer is giving the party scene a new fresh wave with her “ghetto-tech” sound.  Maluca just signed with Mad Decent records, the label run by Diplo who is also the DJ-producer who helped artists M.I.A. and Santigold go global. After seeing her YouTube video, let alone seeing her live, I can not help but to love this girl! You got to see it for yourself!

Note* She passed out Plantanos after her performance. Just a note 🙂

Check This Hot Mama Out!

A few shots of Maluca’s Performance AND her VERY COOL back up dancers. VERY Cool.

– Dani Lacy