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Fashion’s Night Out NYC 2010

2 Aug

Fashion’s Night Out 2010 will be epic! This global celebration of fashion, organized and directed by Vogues own Anna Wintour, has been the international buzz since last year’s extravaganza so if you are able to make it, be prepared for a night full of EVERYTHING fashion. New styles, designers, and looks will all be present.

Fashion’s Night Out will definitely be the icing on the fashion week cake! Don’t miss out fashionistas’ and isto’s!

For more on Fashion’s Night Out 2010 click here

To watch video click here

-Dani Lacy

EnkNYC Trade Show & Atrium Shoe Launch Event

20 Jul

The Enk International Trade Show made its way over to New York City July 18,19 & 20th, showcasing some of the top Men lines out. I had the very cool opportunity to attend this show and I must say, it was quite a pleasure to take an inside peek at some of the up and coming styles, brands, and looks for Fall/Winter 2010. Enk organized their show into four sections: Designers Collection, CLEANBLUE, and TMRW which gave viewers, buyers, and press a very diverse look at what designers worldwide, known and upcoming have in store. With the rise of men’s fashion, ENK NYC was definitley the(e) Trade Show to attend.

After the EnkNYC Trade Show, a lot of its “attendee’s” followed to Atrium, an NYC Clothing Store, for the sneaker launch of Android Homme. The event was very live with good music, people and drinks!

-Dani Lacy

Here are a few pics below of the Enk Trade Show following pics from Atrium Event for Android Homme Sneaker Release:

For more on ENK NYC: http://www.enkshows.com/ or Atrium Boutique: http://www.atriumnyc.com/index2.html

The Puma Social Club

10 Jul

If your in NYC, plan your next hang out at the Puma Social Club. I had the exciting opportunity to check it out and It was a BLAST! First of all, the walls are made of chalk board. How flippin’ cool is that?! They also have ping pong and fuse ball tables ready for anyone up for a fun filled challenge… and a fun filled challenge it was.

-Dani Lacy

Good Wood Chain Flooding NY Streets

6 Jul


Do you have your good wood chain yet?

Na? Well you need to get on it. Created in NYC, these custom engraved Good Wood chains are flooding the urban hip hop scene by the masses! Many hot artists, fashion icons and celebrities are sporting these classic pieces in a MAJOR way.

No need to explain:

-Dani Lacy