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Music Monday

2 Aug


Let’s take it back and pay respects to one of thee pioneers of  “reggae rappers”, Shinehead. Bursting into the New York reggae dance hall scene in the mid 80’s, it did not take long for Shinehead to tear up the sound systems. Shinehead brought versatility to hip hop/reggae fusion by mixing chatting, crooning, rapping, toasting and singing.  Growing up between Jamaica and America reflected Shinehead’s  sound in a very original and eclectic way. His music was a balance between positivity, love and social conciousness. Shinehead’s version of “Billie Jean” was what truly got his career booming, creating a buzz that would soon turn legendary. One of my favorite hits is “Know How to Fe Chat”, which is a REAL nice mix of hip hop and that street Jamaican sound.  As a west coaster and a young’n, I am just now being introduced to Shinehead and from first listen I am already a huge fan. Get put on or take it back, which ever fits and vibe with Shinehead.

A few of Shinehead’s hits:

-Dani Lacy