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Put Some Bows on it.

4 Aug


For any one who knows me, they can validate I’m genuinely obsessed with bows. I’m convinced that they’re thee most adorable, cutest, and sweetest thing that was ever created. Once I saw what VALENTINO did for his 2010 Fall/Winter collection, I instantly became plagued with bittersweet emotion. Bitter because my finances don’t support my exorbitant taste, but sweet because that’s exactly what this collection is. It’s girly, fun, fantastic and of course, filled with bows galore!

Of course, if I was in love with the clothes, my obsession with these gloves is probably going to be on the next level. If I could get my hands on these for the fall, I would be one of the happiest girls on the planet. Fashion heads have been saying that the gloves are tacky, and tastless. However, I one hundred percent disagree. I believe they are hot S@#! Over all, this is one of my favorite collections for Fall/Winter 2010 thus far.

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-Carrie Lisa

The Nocturnal Approach.

31 Jul

Sometimes it’s hard finding the rite piece that completes an outfit. Especially when it comes to evening wear, it can be somewhat overwhelming . Am I under dressed? Am I overdressed? Both these questions can daunt us when finding the prefect outfit. Well, don’t sweat it. ELLE Magazine has you covered. They did the perfect spread on women’s evening wear, finding the prefect styles, garments and ideas to create the perfect look for a night on the town. My favorite piece from this entire collection are the Wool Pants by VALENTINO, (pictured above) priced at $1,690. Hey, I didn’t say I could afford them, however they fill the void of fashionable inspiration I was itching for. Check out more pics I LOVED from this spread!

-Carrie Lisa

Photos courtesy of Elle.com